Pennant Accessories

Atlanta, GA

Proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States.  Please see our "About Us" and FAQs for more details.

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Our brand was born out of a need for a stylish bag that would meet the requirements of the oft-enforced "clear bag policy" of today's sporting and entertainment events.

What makes pennant unique among the stadium-compliant bags before and since it, however, is the combination of unique features and qualities of our bags:


Choice.  Stick with the versatile wearwithall or greyscale strap that comes with your bag, or add one of our other straps to reflect your loyalties, interests, or personality.  The choice is yours!

Versatility.  Our cross-body straps are adjustable to 52 inches, allowing our bags to accommodate individuals of nearly any height (and allowing the strap to double as a long shoulder strap).  Alternatively, you can select a 23-inch short shoulder strap, which can be coupled with the cross-body strap or worn alone for a different look. 

Simplicity.  Whether you are a game-day fashionista or a jeans-and-t-shirt kind of gal, our bags' clean lines and simple straps will not compete, clash, or otherwise conflict with your look; rather, they will complement it!

Accessibility.  The design of our bag offers a flap closure with two magnetic snaps, thereby balancing security and access.  Moreover, you never have to search for your ID again: Simply slip your ID in to our interior ID pocket and--when ID'd--hold up the side of your bag to reveal your ID.   


Quality and Durability.  We use high-quality, high-gauge vinyl for our bags.  We also use strong, made-in-the-USA webbing for our straps and then dress our bags with beautiful matching hardware.

Made in the USA.  We proudly design, manufacture, and assemble all of our bags in the United States.  And while some of our bags' hardware is sourced from overseas, the remaining hardware and materials are sourced in the United States.  

Photography by Gabi Valladares